Aver C30u Charging Carts

30-Tablet Charging & Sync Cart

The C30u is the ideal solution for classrooms or schools with limited space. You can charge mix and match iPads and Android devices at one time. What’s more, the C30u allows you to simply add, remove or modify apps, files and user profiles on all connected devices simultaneously using its sync function. Devices are safe and secure thanks to the steel doors and three-point lock. Also, an indented side panel ensures safe and simple cable management. Individual storage bays, ergonomic handles, and USB ports let you access devices at incomparable ease.


Safe Charge & Sync at Once:

Charge up to 30 iPads, iPad minis or Android devices in no time with full 2.1A DC charging power provided to each connected device. The C30u can also quickly sync devices simultaneously, saving you the hassle of managing files, apps and user profiles individually.

Hassle-Free Design for Use:

C30u’s USB ports are installed in at front for easy plugging, making devices charging as simple as plug and go. Three slide-out shelves allow for easy storage and removal of devices, making accessing devices supremely user-friendly.

Real-Time Status Check-Up:

The C30u’s status indicator uses colored LED lights so teachers and students can see the status of each device with just one glance, whether it is charging, fully charged or syncing, even with door locked.

Secure Your Investment:

Your devices will be safely secured within the C30u’s sturdy frame and steel doors, outfitted with a three-point locking mechanism. This extra-tough design effectively protects against any threats of theft or vandalism.

Utilization & Mobility Design:

The C30u is designed to maximize user ease and convenience, with a compact structure that can fit in even the most space-starved classrooms. Not only does the C30u have a small footprint, it also offers the perfect space for integrating mobile devices, AVer visualizers, and more into your lessons.

Important Specifications:

Storage/charging capacity: Up to 30 iPads, iPad minis and/or Android devices

LED status indicators:
Red: charging
Green: fully charged
Flashing green: sync in progress

Lockable doors:
Yes, front door with three-point lock
Storage shelves
Three 10-bay shelves

Pullout shelves: Yes

Cable management:
Repositionable cable clips
Wall mount hook

Casters: yes, 5″ casters x4 (2 lockable)

Intelligent charging system: No

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