Draper Scissor Lift SLX

An excellent choice for heavier projectors, Scissor Lift SLX supports larger, brighter video projectors up to 12 amps and is available in 6 models with varying lifting capacities. Three sets of scissors provide lateral and front-to-back projector stability. Longer extension positions make it easier to maintain the projector during shows and service. Set two show positions easily while still allowing fully up and down positions for storage or maintenance. Set positions are retained even if power is lost. The SLX can provide power to the projector with either a 115V or 240V UL receptacle outlet.


Product Specs
– Available for 115V and 240V U.S. applications.
– 6 models available with SLX10 with 10′ (305 cm), SLX14 14′ (427 cm), SLX17 17′ (518 cm), SLX21 21′ (640 cm), SLX24 24′ (732 cm), and SLX28 28′ (853 cm) extensions. Size affects lifting capacity. Check Submittal or Installation Instructions for exact capacity on size.
– Features several built-in control capabilities as standard, including RS232, RS485, and more. RF or IR controls optionally available.
– Smaller projectors can fit within 2’ x 2’ (61 cm x 61 cm) ceiling grid.
– Optional Environmental Airspace Housing to isolate projector from environmental airspace above ceiling.
– Optional ceiling closure panel available in white (standard) or black.
– Ceiling finish kit optional. Kit includes ceiling trim ring and closure panel (order when Airspace Housing is not required).
– Optional universal-style bracket for easy attachment of a variety of projector models.
– Installation of factory installed cables for video and projector control available.
– Wall switch and service key switch, standard.
– Lift finish available in white (standard) or black.
– Entire product is UL Listed to meet strict building code requirements for products recessed above the ceiling.

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