DS9900 Series 1D/2D Hybrid Scanner

MODELS: DS9908, DS9908-HD, DS9908R, DS9908R-HD

Improve Workflow Efficiency, Productivity and Accuracy
Jobs may differ, but workers’ needs remain the same: split-second, fail-proof, error-proof scanning. Zebra DS9900 Series scanners are made to increase productivity, no matter what their environment or challenge.


Benefits of the DS9900 Series

Capture It All
Scanning mobile coupons, reading RFID tags, parsing drivers’ licence data and deactivating EAS tags won’t hold up transactions or workflows with the DS9900 Series. Customer uses hands free Zebra DS9900 barcode scanner to scan barcode on phone

Two Scanners in One
Before you even pick up the DS9900, it senses your hand and automatically converts from hands-free to handheld mode. The result? Fast, seamless switching between modes with a scan range that automatically adjusts as needed – keeping checkout lanes and lab workflows moving. Salesperson uses Zebra DS9900 handheld barcode scanner to scan the price tag of a dress

Bring RFID To The Point of Sale or Lab
DS9900 Series with RFID reads RFID-tagged merchandise at the point of sale, allowing up-to-the-minute inventory tracking. And in the lab, it can read multiple RFID tagged samples in one pass, providing critical tracking of serial number, expiration date and other information. Manufacturing worker uses hybrid Zebra DS9900 barcode scanner and RFID reader to capture RFID tag of a chip.

Boost Order Throughput & Customer Experience with Scanning Solutions for QSRs
New consumer trends, heightened safety concerns and changing demographics are driving a rapid pace of change in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. Convenience has always been the key to QSR success, but now more than ever, consumers want to get good food on their own terms — in the fastest, safest and most convenient way possible. Zebra’s point of sale scanning solutions enable QSR operators to nimbly adapt to the fulfilment trends of today and tomorrow.

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