LED Interactive Touch Screen – STE Series

SCHOOL TECH LED Interactive Touch Screen is a multimedia display device, integrated imaging, audio, video, interaction, animation and PC technology in one. Upgraded on interactive smart board, it simplifies connection and installation. It’s widely used in education, business and corporations for efficient presentation.


Items / Model No. ST-65LED ST-75LED ST-86LED
Packing dimension 1620*1054*200mm 1845*1190*200mm 2110*1375*200mm
Product dimension 1490*906*95mm 1710*1030*95mm 1957*1170*95mm
Dimension with wall bracket 1490*906*120mm 1710*1030*120mm 1957*1170*120mm
Wall mount VESA 500*400mm 600*400mm 800*400mm
Weight(N.W/G.W) 41kg/52kg 56kg/67kg 71kg/82kg
*Panel System – Infrared touch sensors are embedded in the frames, with waterproof and dust-proof design.
*Featured functions -Widely used for education, conference and training;
-With 4mm physical tempered anti-riot/anti-glare glass, it’s safe and eye-protecting.
-It Support 20 points touch,10 people can write at the same time.
-With 3-in-1 switch on/off design: One button can be with functions of Power-On/Off, Energy Saving/Wake-up, PC On/Off.
-3-finger to call the switch button quickly from any area.
-5-finger to standby and wake-up screen quickly.
-5-finger gesture to auto-identify writing and eraser.
-Network support: wired network and wireless WIFI, 2.4G +5G, WIFI 6; Bluetooth 5.0.
-Support multiple signal source selection, sleep timing, and shutdown memory channel.
-Support automatic identification of signal sources and switching channels.
-Support TV remote function, child lock, U-disk lock, App lock.
-Support U-disk follow, automatic identification and classification of U disk content.
-4K UI takes better eye-sight display effects.
*Practical software -QR code scan & share,
-Screen share (4 split;Phone &PC),
-Screen recorder,
-Fast file transfer,
-Scroll down half screen,
-Thick & Thin pen switch,
-Hardware self-check,
-Full-channel annotation and screen capture,
-The dual-screen split for different apps operation.
-4K Whiteboard software, support:** to insert table and multi-graph
** to automatic recognize written characters and graphics;
** to insert multiple media files and other sources;
** to write and erase in 4 split screens
-File management, Office, Browser etc…


Easy to Use, Deploy and Support, SCHOOL TECH Interactive Displays Provide Value and Interactivity For Your Classrooms At A Great Price. They are well designed and produced to meet the needs of education and corporate applications, and provide a user-friendly experience, digital intelligent control as an ideal equipment for schools and companies. You can use your fingers or opaque objects to write, edit and delete any things on the screen.

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